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Päiväys ja aika
20:30 - 22:00

• Welcome words: host Jari Karpakka, Verkkorotary. Introduction of the speakers and club representatives.
• Club president Pirkko Tuomaala of Rotary e-Club of Verkkorotary.fi, D-1420
• Club founder Charlotte Ahlberg of Rotary E-Club 2410
• Board member Sten Harck of Rotary E-Club One of Denmark, D-1480
• Club president and IPDG D 2370 Jan König of E-Club Riddarfjärden, D-2370
• Past President Pétur Bauer of E-Club of Iceland, D-1360
• Club founder Åse Stiller of the Absalon e-satellit till Lund Rotaryklubb, D-2390
• Club founder, PDG Jane Mejlby Buhl-Olsen of Aarhus Marselis Virtual Satellite Club, D-1450
• Direct Membership Lead Tim Mason, The Rotary Direct Membership Network, Rotary UK & I

Discussion on any topics of interest, especially it would be interesting if there are ideas of what Nordic e-
Clubs could do together or co-operate on besides having this annual get together.

Closing of the meeting by Jari Karpakka.
Contact: Jari Karpakka, e-mail jari.karpakka@kolumbus.fi

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