Doctor Bank

Doctor Bank

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We make it possible to send doctors to developing countries

All Finnish Rotarians jointly finance the Rotary Doctor Bank of Finland of Finland’s Rotary Service.

The Doctor Bank has been active in Tanzania, in the hospitals run by the Evangelical Lutheran church, since 2002. Via the Doctor Bank, voluntary physicians and dentists have been sent to Tanzania. The financing has been secured by the self-financing share collected by Finland’s Rotary Service plus by development cooperation project support granted by the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

Every year, it has been possible to send voluntary doctors for periods of six or more weeks. The job is done free of charge, but the doctors receive compensation for the travel costs, daily allowance and insurance. The doctors participate in the work done at the hospital with the tools available, and they also do teaching. Apart from the gratification derived from doing humanitarian work, the participants say they have got experience that they could not have got in Finland.

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